Professional services

HR (Human Resources)

Nowadays, Human Resources are the for sure the key element for company success.
Such important assets need to be effectively managed, preserved and developed on a day-by-day basis. Hiring processes aiming to select best performers, mechanisms able to assure people in the company act for reaching common goals, reliable systems for monitoring the gap between the actual profile of a person and the target profile for performing her job and processes of development of the company know-how are requirements of the utmost importance for competing on local and global markets.

Epicentro can help you design and implement effective solutions for managing your Human Resources, thanks to the distinctive know-how acquired in its many years' experience and by leveraging on the competences of its business partners, both in the strategic HR consulting industry and in the payroll industry.

Data Management

Do you need the right information delivered at the right time? New tools of data management are changing the world as we know it: it is important to design the information management strategy your organization needs to exploit new technologies and opportunities.

With Epicentro, you can understand what you can do today to implement your Data Management faster, cheaper and with higher quality.

Applications Development

Software development is very often "hand-made". Production processes improves quality and reliability of the resulting product: for this purpose we use suitable tools in every step of the development (from analysis to maintenance).

We mainly develop in Microsoft .NET environment, creating web-based applications that are up to W3C standards. We also help companies to upgrade their commercial software products to up-to-date technologies.

System Integration

ERP, CRM, Intranet, CMS, HR... is each of them on its own? A unique information system working as a whole, providing trustworthy and coherent information is an essential part of your firm.

Manual activities and excess of redundant data reduce operating speed of your company and slow down decision processes: a service-oriented architecture can bring you back to coordinated operations. Cost-effective solutions are key features of our projects.

IT consulting

Even the biggest investment in IT will bring little or no value if technology and business processes are not aligned.

Epicentro can help you realize an action plan through systems analysis and their application to production processes.

With one single goal: have business back to the leading position.

Project management

The passion we put into giving you your deserved levels of exellence will do the rest. Epicentro belives that the development of your ideas has to be entrusted to a worty guidance, capable to choose consolidate instruments and methodologies to achieve easy and complete sharing with the customer of every project life cycle phase.

SEO / Web Marketing

Getting the most out of search engines to advertise your services and reach the largest number of potential customers is crucial for your company. A correct and aimed Web Marketing strategy can noticeably accelerate your e-business.

Through the matured experience, market trends knowledge and syntactical and semantic analysis of your website, Epicentro can support you in the definition of a correct SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy and of your keyword advertising campaigns.

Our applications support Microsoft browsers IE 11 and Edge on Windows 10